If you see people doing something new and you think maybe you want to take part in it, breathe deep, count to ten, and remember that people (especially teens) make terrible decisions in groups. Nothing is more true of this than fads. Trends. What's "hip." Jncos in the 90s. Bleached tips. Popped collars. Ren fair horns. Humanity is capable of terrible things. Fortunately, they also invented the Internet, which hasn't gone the way of the Pet Rock yet, so we can use it to extract confessions from these paragons of shame and poor judgment, which is exactly what happened when /u/whatsausernamefor people on Reddit were asked "What's the stupidest trend that you followed?" Let's take a walk down repressed-memory lane.

Sins of Fashion

1. User Modernthought wanted to confess and atone for his sins of preppiness.


2004-2006 I could be found wearing 3 different color polos with all collars popped.

2. Everyone who ever gave miss hlovely a ride in their car is still finding these shiny bastards between the seats to this day.

Using one of those horrid crocheted sack purses with the shiny circle shit hanging off of it.
Mine was exactly like this one

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3. User millipedecult dropped by to reveal their participation in a trend so stupid, this writer was previously unaware it even existed:

Fake top part of boxer underwear, that were sown into the pants to make it look like you were sagging your pants. 90s was the worst time for clothing fashions.

Sources: redditor whatsausernamefor