Like many before her, this woman bravely took pictures of herself without makeup to make a confusing point.


Beauty vlogger Alexa Mitchell created an experiment to find out if guys prefer makeup-free pictures or retouched pictures. If you think the answer is retouched, then you're absolutely correct, and should have made a video about it first, because this one has almost 100,000 views.

Mitchell took three pictures of herself without makeup and posted them on Tinder. She swiped right on 100 guys, waited five hours, and got 16 matches. Then she retouched the pictures, repeated the process, and got 73 matches.


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According to Buzzfeed, she concluded that "men who use dating apps like Tinder are more responsive to a cleaner, more flawless appearance, not necessarily heavier makeup and exaggerated features." Another conclusion could be that men favor women who adhere to society's beauty standards, aka they swipe right on hot chicks. Another conclusion could be "Duh." 

What I do like about this video is that it undercuts some of the nonsense that pervades a lot of the best #PowerofMakeup videos and experiments. (If you live under a rock that doesn't offer access to beauty YouTube, people make a lot of videos wearing different amounts of makeup to varying degrees of empowerment.) Mitchell highlights how she's treated better when she wears makeup, which undercuts the whole "I wear makeup just for me because I love it for myself" argument that you see a lot in these social experiments.

Sources: h/t Buzzfeed | maicangirl on YouTube