According to Huffington Post, women still haven't gotten a handle on this whole bra thing. Wearing the wrong size, not washing them enough, washing them the wrong way—it's like, just get your bra shit together, ladies. The Huffington Post recently spoke with Candece Etafo​ of Rigby & Peller (a U.K.-based lingerie company, not a law firm) and got the lowdown on all the important bra deets. So PAY ATTENTION, and stop screwing up already.

We're finding out everything you need to know about bra fittin...

Is your bra the right size? We're finding out everything you need to know about bra fitting with experts at Rigby & Peller.

Posted by HuffPost Lifestyle on Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Because our bodies are constantly changing, Etafo recommends checking in with "your lingerie stylist" to get re-measured every six to eight months (note to self: get "lingerie stylist"). What are we getting wrong? Mostly the band size (it should be tight and not too high up on your back) and the cup size (make sure your whole boob fits into it). And about those cup sizes: according to Etafo, "A D is a D, but a DD is the same as an E. here might be a tiny difference in some retailers, but typically not. In this country we’re used to doing D, DD, DDD but it’s actually D, E, F, G, H, etc."