Winnie Harlow is a black supermodel, with a  skin condition called vitiligo. It's changed the pigment of her skin, giving her a very unique look:


@complex "there's a meeting in my...."

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Winnie has a lot of fans, partly because she appeared on a cycle of America's Next Top Model, where she was really open about how she was very ashamed of her skin growing up. A lot of people find her story inspirational, as she's turned something that could be perceived as a flaw into one of her most unique selling points as a model. She's also just damn beautiful!

So, how are her fans honoring her? Um, by painting their faces to look like hers. Hmm.

Now, here's where things really get complicated. Winnie doesn't care! She responded to the brewing controversy with a long Instagram post:

Only 1,255 comments? NBD. (via Winnie Harlow)
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