No one has ever walked into a beauty salon and requested the "badly deformed potato" look. And yet Shauna Adamson, a young woman from Dublin, says that's the look she got after paying 45 euro (about $50) for a contour makeover at Urban Decay that she ended up having to redo herself. She shared photos of the original "makeover" on Facebook, compared with her own redo. And frankly, "deformed potato" pretty accurately sums up #1. Either that or "drunk rodeo clown."

Facebook: Shauna Adamson

The 20-year-old didn't realize she'd gotten a raw deal until it was too late. "I didn’t realize how bad the whole thing was until I got home and checked it in natural lighting," she told Metro. Luckily she was able to redo the whole thing herself before hitting her friend's birthday party that night, looking not at all like a potato.

She posted the pics to Facebook, where they were shared hundreds of times. "I’m 100 times better at doing my own make up than that and I’m nowhere near professional," she said. "I don’t want money back, I wanted to show people that Urban Decay’s 'makeup artists' aren’t professional."

Sources: Metro