Price: $250. And your dignity.

You are looking (and presumably laughing) at actual outfits from Yoko Ono's new fashion line, which we assume is called "At Least I'm Not Singing." Shockingly, Ono expects human beings to spend real, legal currency to own these articles of clothing, which even the models look humilated to be wearing — and they're being paid. Forget the music careers Yoko Ono ended, and even the one she started of her own. This is literally the most inexcusable thing she's ever been involved with. At least John, Paul, George and Ringo got to enjoy several years of being the most successful band in the world before Ono ruined their lives. These poor dumb bastards never even had a chance.


"I wish I could say this was the first time I'd ever had a set of huge black balls on my chest."


Right now he's wishing there was an extra piece to cover up his face.


"I like to wear this outside in the hopes that I will be struck by lightning."



"I call this look the 'Williamsburg Sumo Wrestler.'"


Sources: Gawker