The fashion world has never been super kind to women, favoring dangerously skinny models over real ladies. Recently, however, it's been more common to see plus-size female models on runways and in magazines and catalogs. But what you might be less aware of is that there has also been a lack of "average" and plus-sized male models, with either super-skinny or ultra-muscular dudes being the norm. Enter Zach Miko, a 6'6" actor and model with a 40-inch waist who also happens to be Target's only plus-sized male model.

Being a model for Target allows Zach the great opportunity to imagine what life would be like if he was part of a set of triplets. 

According to Mic, Miko's work for Target attracted the attention of Bruce Strugell at Chubstr, "a lifestyle website dedicated to helping men of size find, create and share their style with the world." Sturgell told Mic that he was surprised and pleased to see Miko on Target's site, since "You tend to see the tall side of big and tall." Meaning: heftier dudes rarely make it to fashion shows, catalogs, and magazine spreads.

Look at this guy! He looks like a great, regular guy!
Sources: Mic