This goes in the top 100 reasons why we should all thank God that Twitter exists, less for the opportunity to witness a Farrow family gang hit launched by Woody and Mia's biological son, and more because no other medium would have afforded the chance to see Mia Farrow express her feelings all these years after the Soon-Yi scandal with a simple, succinct "Boom." Pity the assistant having to knock on the door of Woody Allen's hotel room in whatever country is letting him film there, first to show him this tweet and then to embark on the impossible task of explaining to him what in the hell Twitter is. (For the Youngs, back in the 1990's Woody Allen cheated on his long-time girlfriend Mia Farrow with her teenage adopted daughter Soon-Yi. Soon-Yi was Ronan's adopted sister. Soon-Yi and Woody got married. It was creepy as hell.)

Sources: The Daily What