1. Delicious smells will make you hungrier.

You know you knead it.


That's why grocery stores often route you past baked goods and rotisserie chickens near the entrances.

A terrible idea for resisting: bring your own tiny vial of medieval smelling salts every time you shop.

2. Grocery stores also shepherd you past flowers and fresh fruits and vegetables near the entrance to make you feel better about the Double Stuffed Oreos you'll be buying later.

Bright colors make you happier, and you're more likely to buy wholesome food right as you begin to shop, before your willpower is broken. And then, once your cart is loaded with kale that's going to wilt in your fridge, you'll reward yourself with those chocolate covered almonds that are practically a health food.

A terrible idea for resisting: self-induced color blindness.

3. Essentials like milk, bread, and eggs are kept in the back.

So you need to walk through the entire store to get there.

A terrible idea for resisting: purchase a pair of horse blinders to wear throughout the duration of your grocery store excursion.

4. Grocery stores know you're more likely to see - and more likely to reach out to grab – products at eye level.

Another victim of the old put-things-where-you-can-see-them trick.

That's why they'll stock items there with the highest profit margin.

A terrible idea for resisting: Do deep lunges as you shop. VERY deep lunges.

5. That eye-level trick is also exploited with brightly colored products for kids.

Outta my way, I've got important shopping to do.