There’s something about drinking alcohol that makes people have crazy nights they can talk about for years. Maybe it's just the brain’s physiological reaction to what is basically poison. The problem is that if you drink too much, you'll lose the ability to remember any of your antics from the night before. Recently, redditors shared the stories of their worst blackouts (not including the end of The Sopranos).

Ah, youth.

1. CaptainDickFingers got drunk and did his laundry in the most primitive way imaginable. (And then he threw up, too. You can assume every story in this article ends in vomiting.)

My mum walked into my room at 3am to the sight of my pissing into my laundry basket. She directed me to the toilet then to my bed and just as she went to leave me be I projectile vomited all over my bedside cabinet... obviously I don't remember this but the smell in the morning would indicate she was telling the truth.

2. In this story, ryanpilot was the designated driver—something he was far too drunk to have done, or have remembered doing.

I was drinking a lot at a party. Toward the end of the night, most people had gone and only a few people remained and then someone passed the pipe around. I remember taking a hit and the next thing I know I am waking up in my own bed. My car was in the driveway with no damage or anything out of place.

Later that night I connected with my friends and they told me that I drove several people home because I was the only person sober. They said I drove perfectly fine and followed all the speed limits and stop lights. I guess I even stopped at 7/11 and bought water for everyone I was driving home.