Hey, you guys — I know that a 'Breaking Bad'-themed coffee shop looks cool, but that idea might get old fast, so... you won't let anyone talk you out of it? OK. Well, I'll post some cool pictures of it then.


Walter's Coffee Roastery in Istanbul, Turkey, is Breaking Bad themed. If you're not familiar with Breaking Bad, it;s a TV show that, even though was very good, will almost certainly become less popular and relevant with time, because that is how time works. Despite this fact, some people have decided to open a coffee shop inspired by the show.

Obviously, they have blue meth candy:

And that blue meth candy occasionally goes on top of cupcakes, because everyone knows that drugs are better when served on top of or in desserts, like a pot brownie or cocaine mixed with sprinkles:

According to a BuzzFeed interview with one of the founders, Deniz Kosan, the coffee shop was slated for a Brooklyn open, but "when the investor backed out he decided to open the shop in Turkey instead." They're hoping to expand operations, though, opening more Walter's Coffee Roasteries in Turkey, and then in the U.S. and Europe. I love the aesthetic, so I really hope that this does keep expanding. But again, this is a coffee shop themed after a show that is now off air, so having a Walter's Coffee Roastery come to American soil feels about as likely as a series of Sopranos-themed coffee shops somehow going international. Or, even worse, Entourage-themed coffee shops.

Sources: h/t BuzzFeed