To celebrate their 50th anniversary, 7-Eleven had their second annual "Bring Your Own Cup" day, which (confusingly) took place on March 18 and 19. The convenience store chain permitted folks to bring in their own desired containers and fill them up with the store's popular Slurpee drinks.

According to ABC News, the only condition was that these containers be leak-proof and must "fit in a cutout in stores that has a 10-inch diameter"—a rule that most folks took as a light suggestion.


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All across America, Slurpee enthusiasts obliged the spirit of 7-11's request, if not the letter. They brought some pretty wacky containers for Bring Your Own Cup Day, many of which were not actually "containers" and probably don't fit in the 10-inch diameter hole (pictured above).

Take a look at some of the crazy "cups" people brought to their local 7/11:

A child's sled.