If it's important to you that every cup of coffee you drink has as much caffeine as possible in it, you may have a problem. You should probably try getting some sleep. But if you're insistent, this handy chart produced by the caffeine junkies at Thrillist will be invaluable to you. Compiling data from the Center for Science in the Public Interest and CaffeineInformer.com, this snappy infographic compares the caffeine content in the coffee of nine different chains. And to make things a little kinky, it lists that information in milligrams per fluid ounce. (Combining metric and Imperial units is a forbidden pleasure among scientists.)


As you can see, McDonald's and Seattle's Best aren't doing much for you in terms of a perk-me-up, and Dunkin' Donuts isn't much higher. Starbucks, meanwhile, is proving its value with more than double the caffeine of Mickey D's. But if you really want to stop blinking, you'll need to seek out Deathwish, the world's strongest coffee. One sip and you won't be able to hear anything over the sound of your own heartbeat. Enjoy!

Sources: Thrillist