In the wake of an E.coli outbreak that left many stores temporarily closed and many others pretending not to care, CNN Money reports that Chipotle will be closing all its stores for the day on February 8th to hold a company-wide meeting about food safety. 

The Chipotle sh*tstorm began in August, when 64 customers in Minnesota contracted salmonella, and 100 people in southern California got norovirus, the street term for which is "Winter Vomiting Bug." Oy.

They charge extra for guac, but the virus is included.

In the fall, an E.Coli outbreak infected 53 people in 9 states, and later, 140 students at Boston College were infected with norovirus. The FDA and CDC began a joint investigation of Chipotle in December, speaking to the severity of the situation. Some customers are even beginning to sue.

Mark February 8th on your calendars for a day to do pizza or salad for lunch. Better yet, use Chipotle's closure as an opportunity to try real Mexican food. 

You'll get through this.
Sources: CNN Money