So many of us are bad cooks, which is why we lovingly rely on restaurants and pre-made snacks. But you can make amazing, restaurant-quality food for yourself... if only you had a few lessons.


Lucky for you, you don't even have to leave your screen. Here's a bunch of great advice from chefs, restaurant workers, home cooks, and bakers who weighed in on Reddit with their most vital, easy-to-remember tips to instantly improve your culinary skills.

1. Come on, jerseycowboy, who has the time?

If you're using a recipe, read it all the way through carefully a few times before you start cooking. Missing a line like "let sit overnight" is the difference between eating tonight and ordering a pizza.

2. According to RoastyToastyPrincess and every movie tagline ever, you've got to know the rules… before you can break them.

don't start tweaking the recipe on your own until you've made it the way the recipe says at least once.

3. Kuosen said it's okay to drop acid(ic ingredients).

If your dish is well seasoned (salt and pepper) but seems like it is missing something, try incorporating an acidic element to brighten it up! It could be Lemon/lime juice, balsamic vinegar, Worcester sauce...anything that will add a bit of an acidic note to your dish.