A Starbucks barista left a customer a flirty message on her cup of coffee, and she disagrees with her mother as to whether it's creepy or cute. A few days ago, Laura Roberts ordered a drink at her local Starbucks and got this cup:

It has her name on it (albeit misspelled) and the hot liquid warning has been altered to read "Careful, you're extremely hot." Her mom, Alex Baine, posted about it on the Facebook group "S**t London" with the following message:

Creepy barista writing inappropriate messages on my daughter’s coffee. Looks like son in-law material.

Laura is fine with it, though. She's not into the barista—the 19-year-old is actually already engaged—but she told the Daily Mail that she thinks "he's lovely" and "always does it." She also refuses to tell people where he works, so as not to embarrass him.


Whether you think it's creepy or not, let's all agree that an engaged 19-year-old is more of an interesting news item than this coffee cup. 

Sources: Metro | Daily Mail