Having a food allergy is terrifying. Imagine if something that most people eat every day could kill you. It’s like being vegetarian, but if eating meat murdered you. Also, you have to trust other people when they tell you your potential murderer is not present in the food they prepare. Unless it is, because they forgot, or don’t care, or don’t know. Here are some horror stories from redditors who ate that thing they’re not supposed to eat.


1. AgEx came face to face with a jerk. A very well-seasoned jerk. And a chicken, too.

I had a pretty serious incident pretty recently actually. Lady went into anaphylaxis over a chicken sandwich.

She was in the ICU for nearly a week with a breathing tube in. Had an ulcerated larynx, had to get a trach put in to assist in the healing process.

Just bad news all around, over a damn chicken sandwich. Phosphates in the jerk seasoning.

2. And to think that Snowman526 could’ve picked one of the 7,455 other things on the menu at the Cheesecake Factory.

I can't bring myself to eat cheesecake anymore. Ever since the class trip I took in 8th grade to Baltimore, I can't. We went to the inner harbor for lunch before going to the aquarium, and the students had free roam. My friend and I decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for desert. I'm SEVERELY allergic to walnuts. There were walnuts in the slice that I got, there was no type of allergy warning at all. I took two bites of it, and I got a very annoying itching sensation in my tongue and down my throat. Soon, I was struggling to breath and sitting on the curb. My body was going numb and my vision was starting to go black... meanwhile, my teachers were just staring at me. They weren't doing anything. Luckily, EMS got there in time with an oxygen tank. An ambulance came and took me to the hospital. My principal rode in it with me and made sure I got home safely. To this day, I can't bring myself to eat it... I remember that awful itching/burning feeling