The newest way to spit in Mother Nature's face is here, and it comes in the form of pre-peeled avocados. After the Internet freaked out over Whole Foods carrying pre-peeled oranges earlier this month, these avocados brought a second wave of wrath from environmentally conscious shoppers. The pre-peeled avocados are seeded, halved, wrapped in plastic and then boxed. Oh, and they also retail at about $4 per avocado.

The photo was uploaded directly to the Facebook page for Sobeys, a large Canadian grocery chain, by concerned shopper Christine Kizik, along with this caption:


Surprised and disappointed after a friend posted a picture of an avocado for sale at his local Sobeys in Thornhill, ON. It's been precut, then wrapped in plastic and cardboard. Avocado's have their own perfect, compostable, wrapping. Adding packaging to an avocado is strange to say the least. This is wasteful and I'm curious about the reasoning for Sobeys stocking avocado this way? Looking forward to a response. Thank you.

Since it was posted, it has gained a ton of attention, including a comment from Sobeys themselves.

Sources: Buzzfeed