"All you can eat" has been reduced to zero after watching this video.

Brandon Huber is like a really gross Edward Snowden. This video was taken at a Golden Corral restaurant (if you're not familiar with this all-you-can-eat buffet chain, good for you) in Port Orange, FL. Apparently, the restaurant's managers don't have much faith in their establishment to pass health inspections, so on inspection day they simply move the food away from the inspection. As if that wasn't bad enough, the location for this grand deception is outside by the dumpsters...in sunlight...in FLORIDA.

Brandon Huber, however, wasn't having it, and after his formal complaints were ignored, he made this video. These are bold days for whistleblowers in America, and hopefully our national spy agencies and fast food restaurants are taking notice. Granted, if our last few whistleblowers are any guide, this guy is going to have to flee overseas by the end of the week. 

After this story blew up on Reddit, other Golden Corral employees began sending their own photos, like this:

What? Don't you see the UV bugzapper in the background keepin' things sanitary?

And posting Yelp reviews:

Ron J. and Stoner Critic X, two of the stars of the minimalist school of Yelp comedy.

And commenting on Facebook (since deleted by Golden Corral):

Reed Shelton is not impressed, everyone. Whatever, it's just hot dumpster meat, guys.


Read more about the story here.

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