People are always looking for easier ways to get food in their food holes, which is why cooking short cuts are so popular on social media. Suzanne Dale from Manchester, England was excited to try the grilled cheese life-hack she saw on Facebook, which suggests you turn your toaster on its side and place bread and cheese inside. Like this:


Turn a toaster sideways to get a grilled cheese.More great stuff at

Posted by Homestead & Survival on Tuesday, November 12, 2013

BAD IDEA! A few minutes after Suzanne popped the sandwich in the toaster it started smoking. Seconds later flames appeared. At this point Suzanne acted on pure instinct, and threw the entire thing out her window. "Luckily I live in a house and have a garden, but if it was anyone living in a flat or somebody who was less agile who couldn’t get out as quick, they were real flames, it could be dangerous," she told Manchester Evening News.

Thankfully Suzanne had no injuries. She posted the photo of her food fail on Facebook to warn other hungry/lazy people. The post quickly went viral.

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