On her third day of training, 20-year-old waitress Akua Agyemfra claims she was sent home from her job at Jack Astor’s Bar and Grill in Toronto because she rocked her hair in a bun. More specifically, because her natural hair wouldn't go "down" after she released it from the bun. Despite how awkward all of this could have been, everyone at all levels of authority reflected on the situation and gave thoughtful, productive responses.

According to CBC News, a supervisor told Agyemfra that she needed to comply with Jack Astor's policy of waitresses wearing their hair down. She seemingly respected her supervisor's wish and released her hair from the bun.


Agyemfra let the supervisor know that her hair naturally “doesn’t go down." She said that her supervisor understood. Agyemfra added that the supervisor "realized I couldn’t wear my hair like that during a shift, that it looked ridiculous. She was really nice about it."

Instead of this blowing up into an international incident about how Jack Astor's policy is unfair to women without European or Asian hair, everyone took it seriously and tried to fix it. The national marketing manager for Jack Astor’s, Kathryn Long, expressed to CBC that waitresses aren't limited to wearing their hair down at work and can rock any hairdo they desire. See? It turns out that the supervisor who sent Agyemfra home was the one who actually needed training. Long also said the company is now looking over their policy.

Sources: CBC News