Relax, it's just drunk old people with nothing to live for. Let them drive!


It's the classic drunk driving question: but when is it OK? The answer is never in the real world, but one cannot forget that the real world does not include the magical fairy-infested land of tipsy Leprechauns that we like to call Ireland. In Ireland, college education is free, eyes are always smiling, women die from lack of abortions and drunk driving is sometimes OK. Specifically, in remote parts of Ireland where everyone young and employable has moved away and the only thing to do at night or on the weekends or during all the days of the year is to go to the pub. There, the logic goes, the only people on the road at night are lonely drunks meeting their only living friends for a pint, so who cares if they all crash into each other on the way home?

Sources: BBC