If Santa could use reindeer to deliver gifts around the world in a night, Domino's Pizza in Japan was hoping to employ the magical moose to help deliver pies in 40 minutes or less.

But after some training snafus, Domino's won't be playing reindeer games after all.

Run run Rudolph.
YouTube: Domino's Japan

The chain announced that they are giving up on their own Prancers, Dancers, and Vixens because the reindeer turned out to be "difficult to control." A video shows Domino's staff in Hokkaido trying to train the reindeer through a course, knocking pizzas over and running away from the staff.

In their statement, Domino's said that the reindeer got scared and ran away when they heard dogs barking, which made approaching customer's homes nearly impossible.

To try and keep up the holiday cheer, Domino's will convert scooters to look like reindeers. Hopefully the scooters are not afraid of dogs.

Yes, I am jealous of this reindeer scooter's eyeliner.

I guess Domino's couldn't find a red-nosed reindeer to keep the deliveries oncourse.