When you eat at a restaurant, you do so at tremendous risk. Yes, it’s delicious (because they use way more butter than you do at home—that’s why it tastes so good) and you don’t have to cook it or clean up after, so it’s worth the price. But strangers are making and bringing you that food. And they don’t really care about you. Try not to gag on these awful restaurant tales from redditors:

What? You didn't order the nausea?

1. Georgemanif has a story about a fish skeleton in food, which is bad because the only place you want to find one of those is a cat eating one in an old cartoon.

A friend was telling me of finding a fish skeleton in her salad once in a very famous restaurant in our area. The salad didn't have any fish in it, no idea how the skeleton ended up in there.

2. Mumbaibabi went on a date that began with jackhammering, instead of ending with it.

My high school boyfriend and I were at a steak joint in downtown Chicago. It was a big deal to us, we were going to a movie afterwards. Expensive for high school. We had gotten high first and were having a great time. Suddenly, mid-meal, two burly guys move the chairs and table right next to us, block off the area with yellow crime scene-type tape. They go outside, and we're wondering what the heck is going on. They soon come back with two huge jackhammers and start drilling the floor right next to us. It was so odd, not a word, like pardon us, to the customers. Good thing we were high, we laughed like hyenas.

3. It’s like Tinchy witnessed the event that started the famous McDonald’s hot coffee lawsuit, except that it’s absolutely terrifying and it happened twice.

This didn't happen to me, but rather the table next to me. Some woman ordered a coffee, but the waiter accidentally spilled it on her. She started screaming from the heat. After she washed herself off, the manager brought her a brand new coffee, which he spilled on her. I felt bad, but we left before anything else happened.

4. EpicWarriorPaco’s mom must have wondered if grasshoppers are seasonal, like the McRib or the Shamrock Shake.

My mom found a dead, frozen grasshopper in her salad at McDonald's. When she went to get a new one, the cashier just said "That's not from us."

5. This story from AllieB28 is disgusting for what was found in the food, and also because fast food eggs were involved.

Years ago my grandma pulled out a mop string that was cooked into the egg of her breakfast sandwich. Still don't understand how she didn't say something.

Nobody wants to get that close to a mop.

6. Check out the massive appetite on effieokay, who can consume up to 500 calories in one meal!

Went to IHOP, ordered an omelette with toast and OJ. The waiter brought the cook out to look at me because the cook wanted to know what woman could eat "all that food" alone. They stood there and stared at me for a minute while I chewed on my toast. I made up a story about being pregnant and being really hungry and they were like OHH OKAY. NO TIP

7. Well, liney_, have it your way.

When I told my waitress that my cheeseburger was not plain as I wanted it to be, she took off the bun and started to scrape the condiments off with her hands.

8. Stories like this probably happen behind closed doors more than any of us would care to think about.

The waitress took my wife's fish before she was done with it. She then asked her for a new piece, after which the waitress pulled it out of the trash bin and gave it to her. Lorelei (that's my wife) was furious, and told her, "Hey, that's gross..." To which the waitress replied, "Hey, I've waited on you guys before, and there's never been a problem."

9. Here’s a tip from E51838: don’t ask for a tip if the body is still cold.

My dad once passed out in a restaurant (nothing to do with the food, and it was a place we used to go to quite a bit) An ambulance had to be called. As they had my dad on the stretcher, the waitstaff started arguing with my mother about their tip. We did not go back.

10. But on the bright side, Hozer44 got all those pubes for free!

Ordered a vegetable stir fry at a restaurant in Banff, found a few dozen little curly black hairs in my rice. Told the waiter and they would not even reimburse me for the meal and tried to make me pay for it.

That's not sanitary.

11. User flargenhargen almost got a hand with his footlong.

Guy at subway tried to cut the bread. He cut his hand. He got blood all over the bread. He tried to give it to me. I did feel bad for him, but I just looked at him like are you serious?

12. This user's account was deleted, as was the brief, enticing promise of free hot wings.

At some random wing place when the waiter gave us an extra order of wings. My grandma shrugs and eats one of the wings. The waiter comes back and notices the missing wings. "Those weren't yours, I didn't mean to bring these to you. These are for my girlfriend at the bar." The waiter says before snatching a wing from my sister's plate to replace the one my grandma ate from the extra order. Waiter proceeds to give the plate of food that PEOPLE ALREADY ATE OFF OF to his greasy girlfriend at the bar.

13. Not even starving people would be thrilled to eat what emeraldite saw.

Was eating with some family at a hotel in Bigfork, Montana. We were sitting outside and a bee flew into my cousin's hot sauce. He called the waiter over and asked for a new cup of sauce. He took the sauce and a fork and scooped the bee out, set the sauce back on the plate and said, "children in Africa would be happy to drink this" and left. My dad talked to the manager after and was told the waiter would be fired.

14. The kind of restaurant Anzai was at doesn’t really matter. A toilet just shouldn’t be where that toilet was.

I asked to go to the bathroom in an Indian restaurant. They led me into the kitchen and pointed into the corner, right next to the stove with its bubbling pots and the food prep area where they were cutting up vegetables. Built into the floor with no walls, not even raised up was a squat toilet and a bum bucket. I have no problem with squat toilets and pretty much nothing phased me in India but I must say I refused to drop my pants and squat in the corner of a kitchen whilst they continued cooking.

15. User SneakyVonSneakyPants knows that's a drink you're supposed to serve hot. Or, you know, not at all because it's poison.

I went to high school with was once served a glass of bleach at a diner. With ice in it. Apparently they were really nice about it and comped her meal but still.

You probably shouldn't drink that.

16. User gyne227 was unfortunate to have a medical crisis they weren't used to at Taco Bell because it didn't involve gastrointestinal distress.

When I was in high school, I had a seizure in the middle of a Taco Bell. Literally bit into a crunchy taco and BOOM! I am on the floor convulsing. Obviously this is causing a scene, but not a single employee of Taco Bell moves. They didn't even call 911... and no one working said anything to me. I didn't even get free cinnamon twists.

17. Nailed it, Ultraviolence!

Eating at Chili's with my ex. About half way through the meal, i hear her say "What the fuck?" and look up to see her digging a giant fucking fingernail from her mouth. It was disgustingly huge, might've been a goddamn toenail.

18. Here's a story from jazzalie, who gets easily bugged by hordes of bugs.

I went to a Waffle House in Georgia and sat at the table with my mom and brother. Almost immediately we are attacked by flies. When we ask to be moved, a waiter comes over with a newspaper and starts killing the flies, swatting one into my brother's hash browns. We try to continue eating until a roach crawls into my lap and literally sits there waiting for me to drop crumbs. We all got up and hauled ass, leaving the bill behind.

19. When you're there, Distracte, you're family. If your family is into stomping vermin.


A mouse running around the dining room of an Olive Garden, a few tables had people completely flip out and scream. A staff person was chasing it and try to stomp on it, which was more traumatizing than the mouse itself.