The internet is once again entreating you to change your eating habits when you dine out. But you'll probably just ignore these kind people of Reddit, like you always do, and instead share their fun facts over a steaming plate of disgusting restaurant calamari. That's certainly the best way to retain your happiness, if not your health.


Here's the food 10 restaurant workers said they would never order.

1. Seagullhunter might eat seagull, but not in broth.

Soup. It never gets cooled properly at night in the big container so it stays luke warm for hours.

2. OrchidBest explains how calamari suffers from the same oversight as soup.

I have similar fears about calamari. Worked at three places where the dishwasher always scooped the tentacles out of the gooey white batter that looked to be ten days old. These were busy restaurants and in most cases the dishwashers didn't have the time or common sense (or emotionally stable chefs) to wash their hands. And dishwashers touch everything: mop buckets, detergents, garbage rims, people's disgusting plates waiting to be scraped and cleaned.

It's a shame because making calamari at home is a hassle.