Many fitness fanatics will swear that avoiding carbohydrates is all you need to do to be ripped and sexy—and yet the "Mediterranean Diet" most nutritionists recommend has a lot of pasta. So what's the actual science here? Following up on their look into protein, Hank Green of SciSchow breaks down exactly how your body breaks down carbs.

What's the upshot? Well, carbohydrates have nothing inherently wrong with them, they're just a really, really good way to store a ton of energy in dense chains. (This shouldn't be surprising, considering hydrogen-carbon chains are what give fossil fuels their energy.) What's more, your body is really good at converting these into long-term energy storage (fat). So, yes, you can gain weight more quickly with carbs, but you gain it the exact same way: by eating more than you burn.


What's more, carbs usually have fiber, and fiber helps reduce your cholesterol and also helps you have non-miserable pooping experiences. So, yeah, eat that slice of pizza. Just don't eat the pie.