If ice cream cone shapes are something you give a shit about, this will blow your fucking mind.

Legit the first time ice cream has made me think of Requiem for a Dream.
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Strap your sweaty asses in, because this is shocking enough to blow you out of even the stickiest leather seat. Someone just reinvented the whole ice cream game. Forget sugar cones, forget waffle cups, forget the Choco Taco supreme (especially the Choco Taco—that's a young man's game, and your metabolism ain't up to Choco Taco snuff no more): the J-Cone just wiped the fucking floor with those amateur ice-cream-holding shapes.

Look at this fucker. Look how much more fun it's going to make your summer. Like all food innovation in the 21st Century, the J-Cone was developed in a roving gas-powered mobile culinary laboratory (also known as a food truck). Specifically, NYC's PlayJScream food truck.

Not only is it the frozen offspring of a churro and a beer bong, it saves you from the problem of the huge top-heavy lump that melts all over your hand. Also, the dick jokes are endless. Like "check out this dick holding a J-Cone":