Modern life offers plenty of horrors, including the the horror of waiting in line for coffee, the horror of having to talk to another person in order to get that coffee, and the horror of that person mangling your name on the cup. But now, Starbucks is trying to fix all that by letting you order and pay ahead of time with their app. Then, when you come into the store, all you'll need to do is pick up your coffee.

I assume you'll still be able to use the app even if you have real hands, and not cartoon ones.

According to Refinery 29:

The app lets you choose the Starbucks you want to pick up from and also tells you how long it will take before your beverage is ready. It will even warn you to wait if you are 20 minutes away from the location you want, but it will only take five minutes to make your latte. You can customize your order to your liking and even digitally tip. 


So obviously, Starbucks is pitching this as a time saver app, and not as a "somebody will probably pretend to be you and steal the drink you paid for before you get there" app. Which seems like it will totally start happening, right? There is also no information yet as to whether or not Starbucks will let you buy the inoffensive singer-songwriter CD that's always sitting by the register via the app, but we can dream.

Sources: h/t Refinery29