imma eat it all

I love pizza. I love all the pizza. I can't wait to tell my doctor that it's healthy to eat pizza.

According to a study at UC San Francisco and Touro University California, foods that are high in calories, but low in sugar, are healthier than high calorie foods that are high in sugar.

The study examined the diets of 43 overweight children for nine days. During this time, researchers slowly swapped the children's sugar snacks for snacks that had lower sugar content. The substitution snacks were high-calorie as well.

So, instead of a cupcake, these lucky kiddos would be given… PIZZA. Or hot dogs. Or anything that's not pure sugar.

Personal hero.

The researchers discovered that when the children ate high-calorie snacks with lower sugar, their overall health improved. In some instances, the low sugar diet resulted in weight loss.

So the main takeaways are: number one, a diet that is high in sugar is really bad for your health. This includes soda, donuts, candy bars, a hubcap full of whipped cream, etc. And number two, a high-calorie diet sans sucrose is healthier.