By the time you get through the whole sign you're going to need a drink. (Via)

Bars know they don't need a lot of fancy advertising to entice people inside (there's alcohol inside, nuff said). So they have the leeway to use their sidewalk chalboards to pretty much say whatever the hell they want. Here are a collection of the funnier and far more irresponsible bar chalkboards luring drinkers into their confines. If you see a good one duing your St. Patrick's Day crawl, snap a pic and send it in.


But if that makes the promise of false advertising also false. Your mind blown yet?


Supporting your right to choose celery or no celery.


They don't mess around in there. (Via)


People are more interested in the wifi anyway. (Via)


Nerd bars. They're everywhere.  (Via)


Excellent point.


Unless he invests in a good fake mustache.


This place has the weirdest cocktail menu.


Drink more fabulously.

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