Scarry night. (via Daily Record)

Everyone who drinks too much on occasion has one or two stories about waking up in a bad place. This British 21-year-old's story can probably beat most of those, because he came to after night of heavy drinking recently with his arm "melted" to the radiator he'd passed out against.

The unidentified engineering student (as long as he's wearing sleeves) had been throwing back vodka and beer with his friends and didn't realize how hammered he was getting. When he got back to his place, he passed out against a radiator, which was cold at the time. The fact that even a cold radiator seemed like a decent place to crash helps explain the following, painful part of his story.

Like the proverbial frog swimming in a pot of boiling water, only shit-faced, he didn't realize the radiator was heating up as he slept, and by the time he woke up it was too late. The radiator had burned the skin on his arm to the point that it was stuck and he had to peel himself off of it.


The story is only a "happy" one in that we can all be happy that the British party boy has a funny story to tell, a few bitchin' scars, and didn't lose a limb. We can also be happy that it hasn't happened to us.