Accidentally eating meat is pretty much the worst thing that can happen to you if you're a vegetarian. (Or if you’re a vegan, accidentally eating anything that comes from an animal.) But the peddlers of meat (and animal products that are not meat) have sophisticated and insidious ways of making vegetarians and vegans accidentally eat flesh. These meat-free redditors shared their horror stories of when they dropped their constant vigilance and didn’t know they were putting meat into their bodies… until it was too late.


1. Thunderape forgot that there are two words called chili and that one means vegetables and the other means meat sauce.

When ordering food for delivery and I figured I just wanted some fries but with something extra, so I chose 'chili fries', and in my mind that means fries with chili peppers or maybe hot sauce.

Anyway it turned up and it was chili con carne they meant (an outrage that the meat part isn't written out but just taken for granted). It wasn't a whole lot the "chili", but it was enough to have to throw away the fries if I wanted to avoid it completely, and I was a bit intoxicated at the moment so I figured why waste it. It was too chewy, tasted like spicy sweat, and it made me gassy as hell the following day.

Not a mistake I will repeat.