Things are just going from bad to worse for Mexican food chain Chipotle. After an E. Coli outbreak affected 53 customers in 9 states, and 140 students fell ill with norovirus last year, Chipotle is back in the news for a different (but still very icky) reason—allegations of sexual assault in one California location.


Former Chipotle employee Ariana Castaneda sued the company on Wednesday, alleging that four of her former managers sexually harassed her, other female employees and even female customers. Castaneda is seeking unspecified damages on allegations of wrongful termination, sexual harassment, retaliation and discrimination. She worked at the Chipotle in Woodland Hills, California from December 2013 until this February, when she was fired.

According to Castaneda's forty-page lawsuit, she claimed that her uniform was purposely ordered too small, and after complaining and asking for a larger size, her manager asked, "Is it because your tits are too big?" Yeah, either you just ate Chipotle or you lost your appetite reading that.

Castaneda also reported that her former manager would try to forcibly hug her and touch her under her shirt. The managers would also use security cameras to spy on women they found attractive so they could get an "overhead view" of the women's cleavage, which is not only inappropriate but also next-level creepy. The managers also casually used misogynistic language, such as "bitches", "these fucking women" and "big boob [employee's name]" to describe employees and customers.

Sources: NBC San Diego | Delish