He must wander the Earth until he finishes his business with that liquor store.

As we all know, ghosts are a big problem this time of year, especially for store owners who have to deal with their constant victimless break-ins. We all know the routine: a ghost breaks in, runs around and slightly adjusts some things, and then runs into the shadows leaving only a sheet on the ground. This incident happened in Anniston, Alabama, where a police sergeant reached for comment gave perhaps my favorite police quote of the year: "We received an alarm call at the ABC store on Highway 431 Wednesday morning. That's when the moment happened; I guess we'll call it."

That's when the moment happened. The moment that they will never forget. Ever. Even when they are old and have forgotten everything else, that cop can turn to his friend in the retirement home and say "hey, remember that weird dude who broke into stores and ran around wearing a sheet like a ghost?" and the other cop will say "heh, yeah."

The moment didn't just happen once, though, there was also a break-in at a bar that night, which they presume to be the same suspect. Who's been dead for 20 years.


(by Johnny McNulty

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