This made me want a "Smack My Bitch Up" remake where it's the dog at the end.

Ignoring the fact that they never leave that particular porch, this is perhaps my favorite trick-or-treating video of all time. I don't have too much to say about it; like a perfect haiku, this vignette of dog costumes and bizarre treats is a self-contained work with nothing left to explain. Except that I would love to get cigarettes for Halloween because I live in NYC and those things are worth their weight in gold here.

These two delightful pooches (both lemon beagles) are Cute Dog Maymo and Puppy Penny (seriously) and they are the adorable stars of the YouTube channel crackrockcomedy, which has surprisingly little to do with crack. Instead, it's virtually all Cute Dog Maymo, with special appearances by Puppy Penny. "But Johnny," you ask, "aren't they just sort of sitting there? Why should I care about these dogs?" To which I reply, "shut up. Shut up you ignorant moron and watch this next video, because the days of your mind being unblown are over."

"Cute Dog Maymo was the ancestor of the upright dogs who conquered the Earth, sparing
only those who had favorited Maymo's videos."


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: crackrockcandy on YouTube