For some reason those chains seem very conservative for Wednesday.

Adult Wednesday Addams is officially the webseries of October, if such a distinction exists. Created by Melissa Hunter, the series focuses on (duh) a grown-up Wednesday Addams who moves to LA, finds some roommates, and generally becomes a millenial. A very dark, unironic millenial who is probably the hardest person in our generation for the government to spy on, as she points out in this video.

This makes me wonder if Wednesday ever went on a date with Eddie Munster before sending him home crying.

Seriously, this whole series is really good. In theory, these will only be released every Wednesday in October, but maybe if you subscribe to the channel Melissa will keep making these. I have literally no assurance that that's true. Check out the prior installments here:

Finally, something scarier than vain blonde LA girls.

If this were the 80s, you'd need those razor blades in the bathroom for coke.


(by Johnny McNulty)

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