With all the anger at people wearing blackface for Halloween, you'd think that's the only offensive costume out there. Fact of the matter is, so many costumes we take for granted as "traditional" or "innocent" or "the only thing the Halloween store had left" are insensitive to many social issues and marginalized groups. To help prevent you from crossing the line of good taste, here are some commonly worn costumes you probably didn't even realize were offensive. 


Why it's offensive: Let's leave aside the fact that sexualizing an entire field of medical care might not be the best idea, especially when the field in question has a history of battling sexual harassment in the workplace. This year, in light of the Obamacare controversy, a costume like this trivializes one of the most divisive issues facing this nation, one that just shuttered our government and prevented our children from visiting publicly run zoos and national parks. Hope it's worth it!