Scary Halloween stories updated for people who live their lives (and deaths) online.


An Instagram horror story.

Megan Tucker was tired of waiting for her girls to pick her up to go to the mall to shop for Halloween costumes. She texted Marissa again: Where are you?

Almost there, Marissa wrote back.

Megan checked her makeup again. She looked good. Damn good. She stood in the bathroom mirror and snapped a #nofilter shot for her Instagram admirers. The image posted, and Marissa waited for the likes to start coming in.

But then she saw something terrifying in the corner of the photo by her toilet: a little girl in a long white nightgown—with blood pouring down her face and hands. Megan screamed. She turned around, but there was nobody behind her.

“Megan? What’s wrong?” her mom said as she ran into Marissa’s room.

“Nothing,” Megan said, even though her heart was pounding. She didn’t want to worry her mother, who had enough on her mind as a single mom who worked two jobs. “I thought I saw a gray hair.”

Megan’s mom sighed. “Don’t worry, Megan. You’re still my young and beautiful girl, and you always will be,” her mom said, stroking Megan’s hair gently. “And hopefully you’ll never have as many gray hairs as I do from these two jobs and raising two kids on my own.”