The 1st Amendment is much harder. "I'm Free Speech. Here's a copy of "I Have A Dream.""

Puns. Everyone has a right to use them, just as they have the right to bear arms. That doesn't mean that everyone is qualified, but we have to let them do it anyway, especially on Halloween. Halloween is the one night a year where puns so old and dead they've practically turned to dust rise from the grave to haunt us again. And some awesome new ones come by to scare us into admitting we like puns. I'm not telling you what every single one of these puns are. They are not hard. Except for the ones that I did label. Some of those weren't even that hard. This is not hard. Here are some puns.

I know I just said I wouldn't reveal the puns but it's fun to say BEEVER!

That is the best "go ahead, ask me what I'm wearing" smile I've seen this year.

This is Chicken Cord on Blue. Great. Now I'm groaning from both this pun and hunger.

Plato is definitely NOT non-toxic. Not since the whole hemlock thing, anyway.

Is "dust bunny" the best pun ever? No. Is it adorable? You be the judge. The answer is yes.

Excuse me! You there! Girl! I'll take 10 spices, please.

This is a Freudian boner. I mean a boobies slip. I mean it's a can I get your number? Dammit. 

The groan I just let out is over 97% pure.

Merci for that gigantic caption, you tactless American.

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