"Let's save that beautiful artwork for your costume fridge, sweetie."

Every great homemade Halloween costume starts with a box, and Redditor Dullydude's mom worked at the source of all boxes—a box factory—so she could "pull some strings" to get him any box he needed. Considering how important boxes are when you're a kid (and always), he was no doubt the envy of all his classmates. It helps that his mom and dad were also extremely creative and artistically talented. Otherwise he might have ended up going as a spooky, scary box every year. Actually, that may end up being my costume this year.

These costumes reflect some great parenting. Not only are they cheaper than store-bought costumes, but they also don't allow Dullydude the use of his arms, which presumably made it easier to steal his candy. 

Let it be known that that's real popcorn.

"All layers spun independently."


(by Shira Rachel Danan)

Sources: redditor Dullydude