I want to be at this party.

Anthony Vincent is the man behind the voices of Ten Second Songs, a YouTube channel where he covers famous songs in the styles of a variety of other artists in—you guessed it—ten-second increments. Vincent apparently has received a lot of requests that he do "Thriller" in the past, but he decided to wait for a seasonably appropriate moment. What's your favorite of his covers? I'm partial to Jack Skellington, but maybe you're more of a Busta Rhymes Halloween person.

Here's a full list of the artists covered in the video: 

1.) Michael Jackson
2.) The Misfits (circa 1980) 
3.) Marilyn Manson
4.) Spice Girls (Scary Spice)  
5.) Stevie Wonder 
6.) Ozzy Osbourne
7.) Tom Waits
8.) Oingo Boingo
9.) Cannibal Corpse
10.) Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt-Kickers
11.) The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (The Omen Soundtrack)
12.) Rick Astley
13.) Jack Skellington (The Nightmare Before Christmas Soundtrack)
14.) Rob Zombie
15.) Harry Belafonte (Beetlejuice Soundtrack)
16.) Tenacious D
17.) Type O Negative
18.) Busta Rhymes
19.) Avenge Sevenfold
20.) Robert Johnson

And here's a "making of" video breaking down Vincent's process. Follow TenSecondSongs on Twitter or subscribe on YouTube.


(by Johnny McNulty)

Sources: Ten Second Songs