Jamie Davis, a Dr. Pimple Popper-peeping popaholic, got to live out every unlicensed dermatologists' dream when she found a treasure trove of gunk in her sister's belly button. Then of course she uploaded the video to YouTube.

"9 months ago my sister noticed something in her belly button, but thought nothing of it. Saturday I noticed something that looked like hair hanging out of her belly button," Davis writes in the video's description, "She resisted, but I got in there realizing that it was much more than hair."

The video—made awesome with its accented commentary—uncovered what is called an umbolith, which is a big black zit that grows in the bellybutton, the ultimate throwback to the umbilical cord days.

Dermatologists refer to it as a "black stone," and everyone else refers to it as a "scary, hairy ball of gunk."

She also got the ball rolling with the reaction videos, showing the video to her sister's proud husband. True love knows no bounds, or umboliths quite like this one.