Sometimes it can feel like you'll never get in shape. Sometimes you might just want to quit and give up on working out forever. But I think you're doing better than you think you are. In fact, I can prove it.


I did a little math and figured out how many burritos you could buy with your monthly gym membership fee*. In other words, this how many burritos you are bravely sacrificing—consciously or not—in order to work out and be healthy. You're going to feel great about yourself by the end of this. Trust me.

Planet Fitness: 8 burritos.

A Planet Fitness Black Card costs $19.99 per month. That could buy you just about eight 7-Layer Burritos from Taco Bell at $2.49. Which essentially means you are choosing the treadmill over eight cheesy, delicious, sodium-filled 7-Layer Burritos. You are a champion.

Crunch Gym: 11 burritos.

Crunch Gym memberships start at $88 a month. A vegetarian Queso Burrito from Qdoba costs $7.80. You could have had 11 burritos, but you chose the elliptical instead. Even if you ended up buying 11 burritos anyway, if you hadn't paid that gym membership, you would have been able to afford 22. You have resisted that temptation, because you are a badass. Nothing is going to stop you.