Doctors and nurses have seen it all, treating the ills of the human body and popping cysts in all their gory glory. The stuff patients want the doctors and nurses to see is pretty gross. But the even grosser stuff happens when medical professionals walk in on their patients by accident. Now, they've taken to Reddit to share their strangest examples. You have been warned: some of these stories are super graphic.

They've seen some shit.
They've seen some shit.

1. The exhibitionist masturbator.

Had a guy in his late teens/early 20's constantly masturbating. Everyone walked in on it. It was on a floor where the patients were separated by curtains too. Looking back, I think he was an exhibitionist and he was making us all subjects to his masturbatory fodder, so that was fun.


2. The burnt blowjob.

Woman giving her husband a blowjob. Except that she was the patient in the burn unit, admitted after a flash fire from pouring lighter fluid on her barbecue. All the hair on her face was singed off, her face was super swollen and red, and we had caked on antibiotic ointment all over her face to treat her burns. Talk about sloppy head.


3. The OB-GYN adventures.

Ob-GYN checking in.

1) meth addicted man going down on girlfriend. 1 day postpartum. Think walking dead.

2) heroin addict injecting into her IV.

3) preterm labor patient with dilated cervix at 24 weeks having what can only be described as pornstar level aggressive vaginal intercourse.

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