There's a reason we make doctors go to college for seven years, but that doesn't stop patients from thinking they know what their problem is, even if it's physically impossible. Who among us has not thought they'd contracted Ebola or become host to an immaculate conception? These 12 medical professionals have heard it all, and shared it all on Reddit. Here are the craziest medical conditions patients have ever convinced themselves they had:

WebMD: No matter what your symptoms, it's always cancer.

1. ​Tacosplusmeequals had a mother who apparently has never looked at her own tongue.

My mom took my sister and I to the doctor when we were kids because we had weird bumps all over the back of our tongues. We were diagnosed with tastebuds.

2. ​qriousgeorge learned something new about billions of people.

ER doctor here. I had a patient insist she had a fever once and when I pointed out that our thermometer did not record a fever she told me "I'm not sure they taught you this in medical school but when Asians get a fever their temperature doesn't go up."

Yup, I missed that lecture.

3. ​Danimerry's patient answered the eternal question: which came first, the chicken wings or the cravings?