Pure Gym gym in the northern English city of Manchester used people in inflated blue fat suits to try and lure potential customers, and it so, so didn't work. Besides handing out promotional materials for the gym, the giant blueberry spokespeople had a gimmick. The blue-suited fat-shamers ran down the street, letting their suits deflate as they ran. The message was clear: all you need to do to lose weight is run (a block, you fatty).

Gym uses blue fat suits to shame people into joining.
Gym uses blue fat suits to shame people into joining.

Passersby were not impressed. C.J. Smith told the Manchester Evening News...

"I would not normally be offended by it because I’m a big guy and I’m comfortable with my body but not everybody is. I wouldn’t want some poor kid seeing it and making comparisons with themselves."

A spokesperson for the gym told the Metro UK that the suits were only intended to draw attention, which they definitely did. Said the spokesperson,

"It is not our intention to cause any offense and in light of the complaint we will be reviewing their use."

Reviewing their use? How about just telling people working out can be fun at any size, and leave it at that? Not sexy enough for ya? Too bad, we're too busy loving ourselves the way we are. Now we dance!