Here's what not to do. Don't make people who dragged themselves to the gym feel even worse about being there. Cool? Thanks.

More specifically, don't do what this Australian guy did. Don't bring your iPad to the gym (probably to keep track of his "reps"?), and take pictures of other people who are in no more need of a workout than you, and then post those pics on Facebook trashing them. Don't do that.

You might wind up the subject of a wildly upvoted Reddit thread:

Because when you become the subject of an angry, wildly upvoted Reddit thread, you're almost certain to be identified. They're able to track people faster than Treadstone over there. And then you might find yourself banned from your gym, with your mom very disappointed in you.


So yeah. Just go to the gym and don't be a dick about it. Or just stay home and be fat. That's what the best people do.

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