We got gross so you didn't have to!

The human body is a work of art when it's not excreting waste. (via Thinkstock)


Have you ever wondered what mystical things happen in the forbidden realm known as the other gender's bathroom? Well, wonder no longer: We got our female writers to ask our male writers about the men's room, and then got our male writers to do the same. The results are illuminating, to say the least. (BTW, we are by no means trying to reinforce the gender binary; our office just doesn't have a gender-neutral bathroom. We're interested in everyone's shit/piss!).

Women ask men.

"Gents? It's like we're in Mad Men!" (via Thinkstock)

Do you avoid eye contact with others?

"There are few things scarier to me than making eye contact with another man at a urinal."

How much time do men spend in front of the sink?

"If men spend more than 4 seconds in front of a mirror in the bathroom, they are almost murdered."

Do you ever pretend you're having a high noon stand-off with your reflection?

"If there is music playing and no one else in the bathroom I sometimes try to lip sync the song in front of the mirror."

Are you ever nervous about strangers seeing your penis?

"I exaggerate the size of my penis by holding my arms out wider than I need to."

Why does this dude look so lonely? (via Thinkstock)

Is it customary to leave a urinal between you and the next guy?