Jen Chafitz found worms burrowing into a piece of fish she bought at a Fry's grocery store.


Jen Chafitz and her husband Dustin do all of their shopping at a Fry's Food and Drug Store in Glendale, Arizona. Or they used to, until they found this unspeakable horror in a wrapped package of salmon: two live worms wriggling in and out of the fish.

"Its head was sticking out of the fish," Chafitz told ABC 15, "Standing there I felt like something was crawling on me, it was really gross."

They immediately captured the worms on video, both to prove that they hadn't tampered with the package, and to warn their friends who also shopped at Fry's. Jen put the video on Facebook, where it quickly went viral. It's already been shared more than 5,000 times, and has been watched almost 300,000 times. Not exactly the best publicity for the store.

Salmon isn't like yogurt. You don't want active cultures in there.
(via Facebook)

Jen brought the fish back and received a full refund. Meanwhile, a Fry's representative told ABC 15 that they were contacting the distributor to make sure quality control was up to snuff. That's not very reassuring. Maybe if somebody sells you wormy meat, you should do more than call.

Sources: ABC 15