I suddenly feel very self-conscious about my body. Specifically that it lacks the necessary
organs to create another life. *sobs* 
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Melissa Mantor is a South Carolina mother who has a 3-year-old daughter and is 18 weeks pregnant with her next one. Despite that burden, she still found time to head to Planet Fitness on Monday night so she could work out for the first time since being noticeably pregnant. It didn't last very long. "I was on the treadmill for about 10 minutes before I was approached by a girl who came up to me telling me that she is going to have to ask me to leave" for violating the gym's dress code policies, said Mantor. Keep in mind that Planet Fitness' entire selling point is being a "Judgement Free Zone" where "lunks" are forbidden and no one is allowed to make other people feel bad about their bodies.

You know, because pregnant women are always so confident about their bodies and love to make other people feel bad. They also spell Judgement like that because hey, everything is acceptable at Planet Fitness except expectant mothers who are managing to stay fit. "I have never felt so judged and embarrassed in my life," said Mantor.

I know its tempting to make people who look good while pregnant run home in shame,
but did you know it's actually not that nice?

Now, technically speaking, her tank top does violate the gym chain's dress code forbidding string tank tops, but the issue was actually that her belly was showing. "Of course my belly is hanging out," said Mantor at the time, "I'm pregnant." Additionally, Mantor showed several pictures of her working out in the exact same top at Planet Fitness multiple times without incident. She acknowledged that it does ride up a little bit when she moves, especially now that she's pregnant. 

Planet Judgment stuck by their franchisee's decision, saying Mantor was offered a big cotton t-shirt to cover herself up, but in addition to the fact that Mantor says working out in a shirt like that is uncomfortable and itchy, she was already humiliated and just wanted to get out. 

Planet Fitness has been on a roll recently, making a woman in Oakland, CA quit the gym after only 15 minutes (following a months-long recovery from a car crash) because she was "too toned" and was "intimidating" other customers (don't get me wrong, she's toned, but not that toned). Meanwhile, in Michigan, a teenager was thrown out of her local franchise for...well, probably for having an intimidating amount of youth. They actually called the cops on a guy because he was grunting too loudly...while lifting 500lbs. So, basically, everyone is welcome at Planet Fitness except for the fittest person in the room. That person is a monster who needs to be shamed into quitting.

As for Mantor, she'll never be "comfortable enough to set foot in that gym again."

(by Johnny McNulty)

[Correction: An earlier version of this story identified Ms. Mantor as being 18 months pregnant, which was obviously a typographical error.]

Sources: ABC News 4 Charleston